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The World Label Awards (WLA) annual competition is moving into its 25th year in 2016 and continues to attract very high class entries from around the world. The nine participating associations are: TLMI (USA),JFLP (Japan), FINAT (Europe), FPLMA (Australia), SALMA (New Zealand, PEIAC (China), ABIEA (Brazil), LMAI (India) and for the first year AMETIQ (Mexico).

Entries for the WLA competition must have won an award or be endorsed by the local national association before being submitted by the individual association. Individual printers cannot enter directly. More about us

Best of the Best Awards 2016

This is now the third time that the five Best of the Best awards have been judged. The five awards represent the best labels entered in the current competition from the following printing groups:

Flexographic Printing
Offset litho Printing
Combination Printing
Letterpress Printing
Digital Printing

The winners were selected from the class winners of the WLA competition held in Chicago, USA in 2015.Read more

Mitsuo Komiyama, past President of JFLP and founder of MSP Inc. has passed away

Mr. Mitsuo Komiyama passed away on November 14 at the age of 74.

Mr. Komiyama was born in Tokyo in 1942 and joined the Fuji Shikou Co (currently Lintec Corporation) in 1965. After working in Fuji Shikou’s sales department, he established Mimasu Seal Printing in 1981 which became MSP Incorporated in 2005. He served as MSP’s CEO until 2013. He expanded his business to overseas in Philippines and Thailand. Read more