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Covid Update

During the past year it has been impossible to hold physical meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has impacted on the annual L9 world Label awards competition. The normal judging procedure requires the physical presence of all the judges from the respective associations to meet and discuss the quality of each entry. Also due to the fact that very few of the L9 associations held their “domestic” competitions in 2020 there would not have been universal representation from the majority of the associations. Therefore it was decided and agreed that the judging for the 2020 competition be cancelled. This is the first time since the WLA competition began in 1991 that a competition has had to be cancelled.

Looking forward it is most probable that the judging for the 2021 competition will be held in April 2022 during Labelexpo Europe. Associations will be able to submit their entries in the normal way and representation from all participating associations will be as normal. This means that each association will be represented by one nominated judge.

A proposal has been submitted to the L9 committee to change the method of judging from 2023. More details will be published after the 2022 judging.


the world label awards







The World Label Awards (WLA) annual competition is moving into its 25th year in 2016 and continues to attract very high class entries from around the world. The nine participating associations are: TLMI (USA),JFLP (Japan), FINAT (Europe), FPLMA (Australia), SALMA (New Zealand, PEIAC (China), ABIEA (Brazil), LMAI (India) and for the first year AMETIQ (Mexico).

Entries for the WLA competition must have won an award or be endorsed by the local national association before being submitted by the individual association. Individual printers cannot enter directly.

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